Innovative Technologies And Equipment



The Dental Clinic of Dr. Parabita introduced in studies of Brescia and Bergamo DIAGNOcam technology, an innovative diagnostic tool that pre-dental care, in a complementary way it adds to the diagnosis of X-rays  Safe for the diagnosis and safe for the patient.

DIAGNOcam is the diagnostic tool that uses the structure of the tooth and use the latter as a photoconductor.

Simultaneously, a digital video camera captures the transmitted signal.

The high-quality images captured by the new diagnostic tool DIAGNOcam open up totally new perspectives and allow you to make a diagnosis even more reliable and can be viewed by the patient directly on the screen and possibly be compared with previous acquisitions.

Its use does not require any preventive prophylaxis of the tooth.

Although the radiographic diagnosis is extremely important, some patients, such as children and pregnant women, should avoid to undergo this procedure.

DIAGNOcam, in these cases, represents an ideal alternative.

It can be used on all patients in a very simple and shows in detail the structures of the crowns of the teeth above the gum.

This allows you to detect tooth decay much earlier and initiate preventive treatments or minimally invasive.

Why a dentist suggests the use of this new technology?

• Diagnosis improved significantly

• Communication with the patient and his monitoring

• It is not invasive

• No use of X-rays



The ortopantografia, usually performed before the dental care.

It allows you to have a clear picture on the teeth, as regards:

- Number - shape - dimensions - current state of development and information on bones mandibular and temporomandibular joints.

It provides an immediate view of both dental arches, detecting the presence of granulomas, cysts, caries coarse, any impacted teeth or  supernumerary and other anomalies of the mastication.

Computed tomography CT scan is a diagnostic test radiological very effective in highlighting pathological details and is also used in dentistry.

The high diagnostic capacity of the dental CT scan is linked to the possibility of a three-dimensional vision.

The advantage in the use of the TAC is the possibility of obtaining information some on bone volume, the important anatomical structures such as the inferior alveolar nerve and maxillary sinuses, the relationship between the teeth and these structures.

Will be happy to explain and agree the diagnostic indicated for each type of patient.



The Dental Clinic of Dr. Parabita introduced in studies of Brescia and Bergamo using seawater.

Dental hygiene has made a big step forward when the toothpaste was joined mouthwash.

An excellent practice that completes and perfects the action of brushing teeth.

Seawater performs excellently in both tasks:

It can be used both as a toothpaste that as a mouthwash.

The action is to rinse the total, hence the word mouthwash, and it is clear that where comes the toothbrush comes the action of the rinsing.

It is vigorously exercised either directly by contact.?

It is obvious that in this second case the effectiveness of the mouthwash depends on its action force.

Pharmacopeia has created several mouthwashes, all designed to be used by rinsing energetic.

After rinsing, he spits the liquid and the operation is repeated once or twice.

When the mouthwash is sea water, things change:

after tooth brushing, you can make a first rinse energetic and spit out the water, in order to expel the residues deriving from the action.

But here you need to carry with rinses or very delicate, or simply taking a walk the water to the mouth, using the tongue as a tool to apply the sea water in all the corners.

This water you can drink very quietly swallowing it Slowly, as it will continue to expand its beneficial action all along the digestive tract.?

With five rinses of this kind with sea water, lenses and light, every time we brush our teeth, it has guaranteed an extraordinary health of the mouth and the extent of these effects to the rest of the organism.